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Welcome to my site!
Hear yea...Hear yea! I hereby proclaim this a Christian site. It was made for and by Christians. So...if you wish, come in and look through these few pages to further learn about me, my interests, and whatever else I feel like adding in. And...maybe you might even find something useful.
I began this site while surfing the internet for FREE stuff (You know...the things everyone want, but have no intention to pay for):

6/02/01 I began the site and set up its first public publication.
6/03/01 I added the About page and Photo page to my site.
6/04/01 I turned 16 and got some gifts.Some of them include miscellaneous car accessories for the car I don't have, money, a gift card to Circut City, and DSL service.
6/05/01 I updated the site with animation, photos, and new text. I worked all day to have it ready so those at church would be able to see it!!!!!!!
7/01/01 The site surpassed 100 visitors!!!
7/07/01 I updated the site with different stuff.

Now...for the future! I will be leaving on July 15th for Ohio. There, my family and I will be visiting the Amish country, as well as Cedar Point, America's number 1 amusement park for 3 years running!
Hey...This is my homepage. Come on in and sit a spell!
I hope that you have found this site no by a fluke if you were not looking for it. If you would say that you stumbled upon this site...I would think that it was God that lead you here to one of the only "clean" sites on the internet. [hehehehe]

You can also visit a pure Christian community without the "evils" of the secular world by clicking on the link below:

Look in here and you will see more...
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