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- My name is Jason A. Marlowe. I am 16 and an only child...born to Bill and Laura Marlowe. I am a native of a little town in Georgia named Dacula. I am a Christian guy who loves his family, church, and most I am a PK (Pastors Kid), but my dad doesn't currently have a church. Instead, my family and I attend a small church in Athens, GA, which is about 45 minutes from my house. The youth of Christian Life Worship Center meet next door to the church in a small house that we call the "Youth Hut". Every Wednesday, the members of Invision Youth cram into the small rooms of the Youth Hut to have our church. I love my youthgroup and just being with them. Our youth pastor is great. His name is Pastor Chad Bellamy. He is an adult who acts just like a big kid when he gets around us! But really...he is a great guy.

The Story Behind My Site
Well...I figured since everyone and his dog were online and had a site...I figured why not me?

This site is for my friends and family whom I am very close to. I hope you enjoy it! If you do not fall under any of the two aforementioned categories...well...I hope you like my site and enjoy it as well!

Others...and all those who fall under the category of being people who are not me and also by being beings who specifically have no resemblance to or look that even appears to be the same as me. hehehe
I would like to use this allotted space to recognize at this time the little people who made my site happen, without those little people, you would not be reading this message that I have just typed. Well...mabye I haven't just typed this. In fact...for all I know, I could have typed this message over 4 and a third years ago. Anyway, back to those little people. I would first like to thank the production crew at 20 free websites for allowing me to use thier free web pages. I would also like to thank the server for not kicking me off as much as tripod's for absolutely no reason at all! I would also like to thank the manufacturers at Hewlett Packard(hp) and COMPAQ Presario for making such a fine computer for me to type this site on. I would also like to thatnk at this time...all the people who have patiently called our phone at the house and gotten a busy signal...for I was working diligently on typing this message, as welll as the previous messages and the ones to come. Thank you very much...and have a great day!

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