Extra Curricular Activities
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This is what I do:
I am almost an Eagle Scout...the highest rank of Scouting. Most people laugh at the fact that I am a Scout, but to them I just believe that they lack the motivation and determination it takes to become a Scout. I run Cross-Country and love to run! I am on the Bible Quiz team and Hand Bell Choir at church...both of which made it to the USA Nationals competition. I am a member of the Beta Club and an active participant in community service. I also love to draw and really want to become an Architect.

I mentioned before that I love to run. This summer...I hope to reach my goal of over 200 miles so I can get a Cross-Country T-shirt.
  I love to draw as well...
In fact, when I took the art class at school last year, I was nominated for Governors Honors, but sadly I didn't have time for it.

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As I mentioned before...I love to run.
Below, I have included an animated picture of my motivation for running because so many people ask why I just get out and run!